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A Fresh Look for a Fresh Start

A Fresh Look for a Fresh Start

June 25, 2020

You might have noticed Canyon Oak Financial looks a little different these days. Although our team, services, and location all remain the same, our logo and website have gotten a refresh!

Globally, nationally, and even personally, many of us have had an incredibly challenging year – from a public health crisis and stock market volatility to political unrest and economic decline. I wish I could say we were out of it, but the truth is, no one knows what the rest of 2020 holds – especially with an upcoming election.

What I do know is that these very unusual times have given us a rare season of reflection. Of renewed emphasis on the things that matter most. And of capacity to change the things that need attention.

My own reflection has been the impetus for some exciting changes for Canyon Oak Financial. We want to communicate frequently and thoroughly with each of you. We want to understand what 'success' looks like in your life, and put a plan together to pursue it with clarity, energy, and the greatest chance for fulfillment. I want to leverage my background and training for your benefit.

So, my logo has evolved to retain a nod to the beautiful oak trees of Topanga Canyon – their strength, stability, and potential for growth – but with vibrant colors and modern enthusiasm. We've isolated the leaf in the logo design because financial planning is about YOU. It's personal. It's customized. It's holistic (thus, the circle behind the leaf). And we've updated our platforms to communicate with you digitally. Please take a minute to explore our new website. It has a ton of new content, tools, and resources to help you make smart financial decisions. 

I'm grateful for your confidence and am excited by the work we get to do together. Be well!