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Financial Planning

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Financial planning is not merely retirement planning. At Canyon Oak Financial, we design financial plans around the lifestyle you desire in the short term and your long-term goals. Saving for retirement is, of course, a big part of building long-term financial security, but your finances are not just to be enjoyed later – they’re a tool to create a full, meaningful life today, too! Paying for college for your children or grandchildren. Caring for an aging parent or disabled spouse. Even funding that beachfront property you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll account for these circumstances – good or bad – in your financial plan and work to anticipate potential surprises. 

Our planning process starts by getting to know you – your unique circumstances, specific needs, and big-picture plans. We help you identify and prioritize those components and then assess your complete financial situation. Armed with data and clarity on the end-goal, we’ll recommend strategies to plan for each financial factor, such as:

Cash flow & debt management: Create a household budget to optimize your income & pay down debt
Education planning: Explore tax-advantaged investment vehicles to pay for education expenses for your children, yourself, or other family members
Retirement planning: Utilize Individual Retirement Accounts (Traditional, Roth, Rollover, SIMPLE, & SEP IRAs), or 401(k) and Defined Benefit plans to save for your golden years
Investment management: Construct a balanced, diversified investment strategy & portfolio with your personal risk tolerance & tax liabilities in mind
Insurance planning: Review & analyze insurance policies to protect your loved ones & plan for the unexpected
Estate planning: Collaborate with on-campus estate planning attorneys to protect & distribute assets to future generations
Business planning: Enhance the efficiency & profitability of your professional ventures
Special situations planning: Anticipate possible expenses, giving yourself cushion to afford them when the situations arise

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